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Spanish pianist

Guitarist at Le Saint Savin

Dinner concert at Le Saint Savin

With Hilary at the concert

Our waitress, Amondine

Concert at Le Saint Savin

Le Saint Savin's singing owners

Bonjour mes amis,

Over the last couple of weeks Saint Savin has hosted a variety of music. We had the annual Blues and Jazz Festival, piano recitals and popular music concerts. Something for everyone.

I didn't pay to attend the blues festival but you could enjoy it from a distance on one of the terraces at a local bar. I had the added bonus(?) of hearing the late night performances which started at midnight and lasted some nights until 3am, whether I wanted to hear them or not. You see the last performances were at Le Pass'Temps, very close to my home so its lucky I don't sleep much.

A few days later, Betty and I attended a piano recital in the refectory of the abbey. The featured artist was a young Spanish woman. We liked some pieces more than others. We are not fans of dramatic key bashing which she seemed to favour.

The annual August piano recitals used to be at the abbey every day for about ten days. We had many opportunities to enjoy different artists. However, last year the program changed and the recitals were held in Saint Savin and surrounding towns and villages of historical significance. This year the regional program expanded so we only had access to four performances over three days. It seems our special status is over.

Most recently, I've missed a concert at Fa Si La but I've enjoyed a lovely evening at Le Saint Savin. They held a tapas evening with a featured guitarist. He played quite a lot of popular English language music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. He interspersed these with French popular classics. He was very well received by a mixed French, Dutch and Ex-pat audience and many people sang along with him. Later in the evening the new owners' 14 year old daughter played the keyboard and sang in a style reminiscent of Birdie. Finally the owners, Christian and Annabel joined her for a family performance. The weather was balmy and the evening was fun.

I suppose the other thing to note is that I've been doing a bit of baking and trying different recipes. Because I don't want to keep eating, I've been sharing my cakes and soda bread with friends around the village. I've now established a bit of a reputation. The other night I met some new people who said "oh, you're the one who makes the great soda bread". Now I have to maintain my rep.

I hope you are all well and happy.


Jude x

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