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An exciting all day game drive in Kruger. Departed the lodge at 0530hrs (another early start!) and at first it didn't seem as if there was much to see. Then we saw a cheetah which proceeded to cross the road in front of us and the sit patiently on the other side of the road. It was watching a kudu in the distance, before deciding to give chase in a flurry of dust. We didn't see what happened, but we don't think the cheetah caught the kudu. My guide felt thought there was another cheetah on the first side o fthe road, so we decided to wait to see what would eventuate. First an eagle started circling, followed bu vultures arriving in increasing numbers. There was another cheetah under a tree that had already had a kill. Then a lion rushed in because it had seen the vultures and was stealing the kill. The cheetah went to hide in the long grass and went unnoticed by the lion. @ more lions arrived and proceeded to feast, and the cheetah walked off past us with it's bloodied face. My guide said she was almost shaking with excitement and that she hadn't seen anything like it for 3 years. My guide and everyone back at the lodge say it is way more exciting than a leopard siting

It was a hot day, about 36 degrees, so not much about in the afternoon. Except for at least a 100 elephants, 5=6 herds of at least 20 elephants, cooling off at a waterhole

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