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Trimming The Tree

The big news of the week was the unanticipated storm that came through late last Friday night. I’ve mentioned before that we are in one of the most flood-prone regions in the country. This storm that looked like a mild shower as it approached, suddenly intensified as it arrived. Once here, it became stationary for 2-3 hours, and dumped an unbelievable 6.5” on us!!! Other than some water in the garage, we didn’t have any other problems from it. The storm did show us that we need to add a drainage system in the backyard (to keep it out of the garage). Some of our neighbors had bigger problems. One of them was having a retaining wall rebuilt, and all that mud washed down onto his covered back patio. Several inches deep of mud! Other than that storm, our triple digit heat indexes continue this week. We are watching Tropical Storm Dorian, which may become a hurricane in the Caribbean this week. I had hoped to show you progress on the shower, but other than finishing the grout work, nothing has been done. The crew came Wednesday with their plumber. The plumber finished connections under the house but did not connect the faucets. The crew told us they would be back on Friday (they were waiting for some parts to come in at Lowe’s), but they never came or called. They are still owed more than 50% of the contract amount, so we know they will come back sometime. The shower glass won’t be in until maybe late next week, so there’s really no rush. But there is plenty of work to be done: Vanity, sink, faucets, exhaust fan, flooring, painting, etc. They also need to frame and finish the new glass block window. They do good work, but they are really bad at communicating. We never know when they will show up. So, we are keeping busy with other things. Bill and Harold are trimming trees. Management here is supposed to do it, but they don’t. We have a tree next to our driveway that they had promised to take out after the big June storm damaged it. It is about to drop purple berries on our cars, and once the Cedar Waxwings eat them, we will have purple poop, too. Great news, the crew just arrived. Progress will be made today!

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