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Our day began in the normal matter. While we were finishing the coffee my phone rang. It was the musical voice of our granddaughter I heard when I answered, but she wanted to speak with “Mimi”.

Jennifer and Lauren were going shopping in Quincy and asked Marilyn to join them. It’s funny how they seldom invite me. LOL. We drove to Palmyra to meet the other shoppers and then I drove back home alone. It rained hard as I made my way home, and the rain continued all day long, varying only in intensity.

We had not completed any chores before we left so that was left to me. I cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, took clothing out of the dryer and folded it, made the bed, and then relaxed.

My plan was to BBQ some chicken but the rain interfered with that plan until late in the afternoon. When the rain stopped, I prepared the chicken with garlic salt and a mix of red and black pepper.

I moved the “Pit Boss” outdoors, filled the hopper with pellets, and had just put the chicken on the smoker/grill when the ladies returned from shopping, with big smiles on their faces.

I set up chairs in the garage and we all sat together for a while before Jennifer and Lauren left for home.

When the chicken reached an internal temperature of 165 we were ready for dinner. Marilyn prepared side dishes and we enjoyed a nice meal together. Later in the evening we watched a great documentary, “Serengeti” on the Discovery Channel. I did switch back to the Cardinals baseball game during commercials and was delighted when they won again and now lead the very tough Central Division in the National League, with a 2 ½ game lead over Chicago.

Life is Good!

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