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Tour guides in Oberammergau

Oberammergau break spot

Oberammergau break spot

Fountain outside Passion Play Theater Oberammergau

Passion Play theater under construction for next event

Passion Play photo backstage

Guide Katja shows real Torah used at Passion Play theater

Marilyn with Passion Play props

Passion Play soldiers' costumes

Passion Play womens' costumes

Passion Play props

Oberammergau from hotel

We decided last night to get a relatively early start to today. Our goal was to get to Oberammergau, south of Munich, in time to join the English-language tour of the Passion Play Theater. We met for breakfast at 0830, and then checked out of the hotel. There was lots of construction on the Autobahn on the way toward Garmisch, and as the detective on "Get Smart" used to say, we missed the tour by "that much". That turned out to be by five minutes. The man at the ticket counter was actually a bit rude when he told us they could not hold up the tour for a couple of people and that we should have been on time. We bought tickets for the 1400 German-language tour, but this all works out, as you'll see.

Since we had a couple of hours to kill, we went to an outside dining business, and had something light to eat. The ladies went shopping and I went to tell our hotel we'd be by in a few hours to check in. We all showed up at the theater at the designated time of 1345, and were met by a very nice English-speaking guide. She had heard about us missing the 1100 tour, and apologized for the rudeness of the man. She offered to give us the tour if we could wait until she was free at 1500. Naturally, we jumped at the chance.

When we came back to the theater at 1500, Katja was waiting for us. She gave us a wonderful tour of the building in which the once-every-10-years performance is done. We got to go backstage and see the props and costumes, and she even showed us how they make the crucifixion scene so realistic. This backstage part was magical for Marilyn, as this is right up her alley. We thanked Katja with a nice tip and our heartfelt thanks. This was really special. By the way, rather than me trying to explain about the Passion Play every ten years, I encourage you to look it up on line. If you ever have the chance to see it here, do so. Linda and I saw it in 1980 and it was memorable.

After moving our luggage into our rooms, we decided to do the easy thing and have dinner in the hotel restaurant. The food was excellent, and the prices reasonable. By 1930 we were all in our rooms, and Linda was sound asleep. I think our pace over the past 12 days is taking its toll. Our major goal for tomorrow is to visit King Ludwig's Linderhof Schloss nearby, and that will entail a good deal of walking. Some good sleep is in order. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather too, as we had thunderstorms and some rain tonight.

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