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August 6 – 8

On our way back to No. 1 we decided to spend a couple of days in Corfu – so after a bus and ferry ride we ended up in an apartment more or less in the centre of the old town.

Wandered around the old town – at night it was heaving and during the day went up to the fort and the lighthouse to enjoy wonderful views of the city and surrounding islands. Brilliant. We don’t know whether we will be back in waters again.

August 8 - 11

Back in Condrieau France. Spent a couple of days in the marina getting ready for our onward journey. One day was spent provisioning – arranged for a taxi to take us the large supermarket on the outskirts of town. It was an expensive shop but we needed basically to restock from scratch. The taxi was 40E which included an hour long wait whilst we shopped – a bit steep but had to be done.

Sunday 11 August

Left the marina approx midday. Went through one lock with a 6m rise. The weather was definitely changing and as we were approaching our destination, the heavens opened. Nice (not) having to anchor in strong winds, heavy rain and the occasional clap of thunder. But, having said that, the surroundings were lovely.

Monday 12 – 14 August

Continued our journey and went to Lyon where we stayed in the marina. The harbour master was brilliant. Our mooring should have cost us 31E per night as we are over 12m LOA but because we were only 45com over he charged us as <12m LOA so we paid 19E per night. Wow.

Wandered into the old town which was great. Took the funicular up the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere, which was just amazing. Wonderful mosaics. And the views for the top of the hill were stunning.

We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the old town. After that we wandered into Croix Rousse, which was a little disappointing considering the write-ups in the Lonely Planet.

Wednesday 15 August

Left the marina around midday and continued up the Soane. The views from the river are lovely – very different to the Rhone.

We took the pontoon at Jassans-Riottier as we need to buy diesel as we have burned a fair bit of it motoring against the current since entering the canal system.

Thursday 16 August

After having taken diesel we headed off and anchored north of Macon, making sure we were out of the channel.

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