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What a day! Of course it began in the old familiar leisurely manner. We shared our coffee together although some of the time we were walking around with our coffee cup in hand checking the construction and discussing the items we wanted or needed to accomplish today.

When the coffee was finished off we completed the normal indoor chores and started on the day.

I aired a tire on the mower, added a bit of oil, mowed the back yard, used the leaf blower to clean the grass off the mower, put the mower away, swept the garage, cleaned and straightened things up in there, and was ready for a bite to eat.

Marilyn was just as busy as I was as she trimmed around the fence and the material I had stacked in the back yard. She did a nice job and things are looking good around here.

We ate a small lunch because neither of us was very hungry, but the shower was calling us so that was next on our agenda.

After the shower we dressed in clean clothing and were ready to head off to do a bit of shopping at Lowes before the football jamboree began.

I purchased the hardware for the new door in the sun-room, new LED lights for the dining room, and a hook for an extension cord in the garage. We then drove over to the high school where we had to search for a place to park and then walk quite a long distance to the football field.

We sat with Steve’s parents and then were joined by Jennifer, Steve, and Lauren. We watched Colby’s team as they scrimmaged with the other teams. They look mighty fine and Colby was really good. One team finally double-teamed him and Jennifer heard someone in the stands asking “Who is that number 65?” I can hardly wait for the season to begin!

Life is Good!

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