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Laundry day silhouettes in Munich

A nap can sneak up on you at anytime.

BMW headquarters in Munich

Touring Munich we drove through the BMW factory on the bus. Cool...

Walked through the Englischer Garten in heart of Munich.

In the Hofbraeuhaus garden in Munich.

Pretzel face in Hofbraeuhaus Munich

That tastes sooo good

Musicians in Hofbraeuhaus in Munich.

Marsha #13

I almost entitled this entry as "Hump Day", because it is the middle of our trip. That also means it is laundry day. We found online two places close to our hotel (within 10 minutes), and headed for the first one. We managed to get our clothes into washers, but the dryers were out of commission. Off to the second place, which was in a large apartment complex. It was a much nicer, well-maintained laundromat. However, by the time we got done and back to the hotel, it was about 1300 and we had not left the hotel.

We went to the same U-Bahn/S-Bahn station as yesterday, but today the S-Bahn trains were not in operation--some scheduled maintenance. We found the U-2 would take us to the Hauptbahnhof stop we needed, and got there easily. We bought our tickets for the Gray Line sight seeing trip, and were off. The sun was really hot this afternoon, so Linda and I started inside, while M&M braved the open-air top seats. Our goal was to just see things from the bus with our shortened day, and to not get off until we got close to the Hofbraeuhaus. The ride gave a good look at the city, and Munich is far different than Berlin. Munich has a different vibe and slower pace feel to it. Along the route, we all really were impressed with the Nymphenburg Schloss (Palace). Marilyn was really impressed, too, with the BMW buildings.

One of Linda's key places to visit was the English Garden downtown. We got off at the Siegestor and walked into the park on one of a multitude of paths. It was really impressive to see such a large park right in town being used by so many people. It turns out the park was bigger than we thought, and we all got tired walking. So we flagged down two bike taxis and headed for the Hofbraeuhaus. The bike drivers got us there in no time, and after visiting the Hard Rock Cafe outlet, we were ready for some oompah music. I walked M&M into the building first to see if they wanted to stay or just be able to say they had been there. The both said "stay", so they found us a shared table outside.

Drinking and eating at the Hofbraeuhaus was a neat experience for all of us. We sat at a table the needed to be cleared; waited a long time for one of the busy waiters to get to us; and enjoyed the company of first an Italian man from Bolagna who has been on vacation to Moscow, Vilnius in Lithuania, and now Munich. We were soon joined by a couple from, it turns out, Brazil. The wife could speak a few words of English, but we all got along by broken phrases, hand gestures, and smiles. It was fun. For dinner, M&M both had Sauerbraten which they declared "very good". Linda had something on the daily special list that turned out to be like hamburger meat, but much better. I had a Schweinehaxe, or pig's knuckle, and it won the battle. I could not eat it all. Probably something to do with all the pretzels I ate beforehand.

After bidding our table mates "Auf wiedersehen", we headed for the U-Bahn station. We were looking for the U-2, but the Marienplatz station is not served by that one. We did some false starts, but Linda and Marilyn finally broke the code and we were on our way home. It was about 2130 when we got to the hotel, and we all crashed in bed. It had been a full day.

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