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Boondock spot at Isabel Pass, 3300'


Gulkana Glacier

Cool area


Travel prep day. Ginger did laundry and I did . . . what I do. We had dinner with the “Klutina Crew” – pizza at The Fat Mermaid. It was very good pizza but very expensive. Not so expensive for us because Randy and Kathy bought. Definitely leaves us on the owing end! We said our goodbyes and headed home. At 9:00 we headed over to the hatchery on Allison Pt – thousands of dead salmon and gulls but no bears.

We left Wednesday AM. There was heavy smoke for some distance north. There are serious fires burning now as a result of the severe winds that the Valdez area and much of South Central got. Portions of both the Sterling and Parks Highways (both major roads) are closed. We also saw a number of trees bent over by the wind. We ran into Randy and Kathy at the first construction area near Worthington Glacier (the same one we saw them at on the way down – LOL). There is a lot of construction on the lower Richardson this year. They have raised the roadbed, probably 100’ or more, in some places and are installing huge new culverts. Should be much better when they are done. We landed for the day at a unique boondocking spot at Isabel Pass – the pass where the Richardson passes over the Alaska Range. There was a large pipeline construction camp here but nothing remains. Our camping spot, about a mile off the road, is within 6 miles or so of the Gulkana Glacier. It is a beautiful location. It will likely be in the 30s here tonight. The leaves on the bushes and trees are starting to change. The leaves on the fireweed are gone, termination dust won’t be too far away.

On the way up from Valdez we were able to catch the noon edition of Caribou Clatter. Oh, you don’t know what that is?? A radio station in Glennallen (as do some others around the state) sends out personal messages from anyone to people in the bush. People in the bush often have no two way communication capability so this serves a very important function. It is entertainment for us, we have heard some hilarious messages in the past.

We are in Tok now enjoying the company of our good friends; Sue, Dave and Brad. Very slow Internet, hopefully this will post.

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