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Pottergate at Lincoln

Ornate carved entrance

View through an arch

Magnificant interior of Lincoln Cathedral

A bustling street in Lincoln

Lincoln's Crown Court still in use today

We decided to revisit Lincoln as our previous visit had been a bit of a washout and we felt we really hadn't done justice to it. This time while the sun wasn't actually shining at least these clouds weren't full of rain.

This time we decided not to walk up Steep Hill to visit the Cathedral Quarter but take the gentler and longer route through Pottergate.

We also visited the Castle area which was constructed during the late 11th century by William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress. The Norman Castle remained in use as a prison and law court into modern times, and the Crown Courts continue to this day. Imagine that 900 years of dishing out justice.

We stayed at a pub in the centre of town and surprise, surprise it had a huge, deep bathtub but no shower at all, not even a handheld in the bathtub. Oh and the hot and cold water taps were mislabelled. But they did do amazing slow cooked ribs in the American themed restaurant which were delicious. After dinner we decided to do a pub crawl as Grae had a hankering for "a decent pint".

What is amazing and very useful in Britain is that you only need to enter the postcode and house number and the GPS will find the exact location for you. You don't even need the street name, so finding our accommodation every day has been very easy in Scotland and England.

This was certainly not the case in Ireland - where postcodes called Eircodes are only NOW being introduced. Many properties have non-unique addresses due to an absence of house numbers or names. ...we had to rely on such detailed information as "it's the third house past the Jehovah's Witness Church on the right" or " it's the house with the red door almost opposite from the garda" ......So we assume the postman and all emergency services must have a very detailed list of names of who lives where for the current system to work..... because we certainly had some disasters finding the correct properties while we were there.....

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