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Marilyn fixed a lite breakfast once our coffee was finished off. I really like the pumpkin muffins toasted and spread with butter and peanut butter, then drizzled with honey on the top. Delicious!

With breakfast finished I drove Marilyn’s car into town to have the oil changed. Several people were ahead of me so it took a while but eventually the car was ready to go so I drove to the Walmart to pick up a few items. Marilyn sent a text to me to ask if I would pick up a large bag of potting soil, so I added that to the few treasures in my cart before heading home.

By the time I arrived back at the house the construction crew had four windows installed, the door installed, and were busy adding insulation to the ceiling.

Marilyn had been busy trimming around the places I could not mow with the riding mower. I used the rider to mow the front and side yards as well as the lot beside our house.

I rested for a few minutes after that but decided to begin the assembly of two glider-rockers we had ordered. Marilyn was busy re-potting her plants but did manage to help me a bit. We now have two very nice chairs added to the list of items we will place in the finished sun-room.

Marilyn fixed a nice meal of fresh sliced tomatoes, green beans cooked with onions and bacon, and corn-on-the-cob. Now that is a meal that is delicious and good for you!

Life is Good!

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