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Some of our Campers trying their hand at Archery

Staffers preparing food for hungry runners...and campers

Ice Cream Socials are always a big hit

We’ve been parked now at Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area near Arlington, WA since May 29th and have been thoroughly embedded into our summer Campground Host “job”. The work is not hard but after 5 years of retirement from the working world, working a 3-day rotating schedule has been a challenge for us to adjust too. We jokingly ask ourselves what happened to the seventh day in our week. Three days off between shifts gives us just enough time to get our weekly shopping and errands done, visit with family and then to do other fun things, like annual doctor, dentist, eye exam, and chiropractor appointments. If we’re lucky we’ll have one day to just relax a bit before we jump right back into the next work cycle. It’s a bit different then if we had the entire 7-day week to do these things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (well, maybe a bit) because we have really enjoyed this experience…it’s just different then our recent past retirement experiences. Camping here is primarily a weekend event. Campers start coming into the park on Fridays, camp for two nights and then pack-up and head home on Sunday. The result is that Sundays are our biggest day of work. We have a lot of camping sites to cleanup and get ready for the next campers to come in. During the week we still have campers but the park is much quieter and the campers are much more spread out.

Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area is a part of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program in the Navy. As part of their program they have scheduled weekend events, usually coming up every three weeks or so. So far, during our stay, we have had a “Kids Fishing Derby”, “Great Navy Campout”, “Skookum Obstacle Run”, “Christmas in July” and “Summer Splashdown and 5K Color Run”. These are all weekend events and along with our regular schedule require some level of assistance from all staff. Most of the events have been fun but a lot of work for most of the regular staff. There is only one more event scheduled for the summer but since we’ll be heading out on September 11th we’ll miss that event. Summer is definitely beginning it’s slide into fall. We’ve really gotten to know the the staff here and met a lot of campers that have come and gone throughout the summer. It has been a source of real joy for us. But all things must come to an end and the summer staff is already starting to disperse as some of our summer interns and seasonal hires head back to get ready for fall classes at college.

Today, we’re in day two of our 3-days “Off” and the weather has turned cloudy outside. It’s sprinkling and a bit damp. There is not much movement across the visible portions of the campground as the campers that are here are staying inside their RV’s waiting for better weather. There are only a few campers staying in cabins and I don’t believe that we have any tent campers at the moment. Tomorrow is another day though and promises to be drying with some sunshine again.

Until next time…Enjoy!

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