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Marci trying to remain Mosquito bite free on her walk with Ellie.





Made it to Edmonton, staying at the Glowing Embers RV Park for three nights. Why are we here you might ask? While I am not a big shopper, the largest shopping mall in North America is here and I would like to see it. There will be pictures, lord willing and I find sights worth recording.

The Mall has been a lot of fun. The population here or the visitors are a diverse group, I would say all nationalities are evident here and it was fun interacting with them through shopping and enjoying the sights.

Okay, the Mall; We saw Hundreds of stores, not unlike the stores you see in any mall so that is not the attraction. We saw two world class roller coasters, as well as a full carnival midway, a full ice skating rink, a water park, a Casino, two miniature golf courses, two huge food courts and something I have never seen, a food court of full sit down restaurants. An I Max theater, a sea lion show, a BINGO parlor, and a hotel.

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