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It rained all morning but we did see some sunshine in the afternoon. Marilyn & I spent the morning together with our coffee, a few chores, a lite breakfast, and the computers. I received a new battery for my trusty old computer and installed that. I tinkered around with a few other items but mostly did very little.

Marilyn worked on her cross-stitch project and then, while pausing for a moment, held the needle she was using between her lips. I asked her something and as she spoke to me the needle fell into her lap. We could not find that needle even though we searched for some time. I suppose, if we walk around long enough with bare feet, it will turn up. LOL

A peek at the calendar surprised me because we had been making plans to visit some friends and the dates we had chosen interfered with a plan I had made to take my grandson to an air show in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Our daughter called and the family drove in to visit, and to look at the sunroom project. We had not seen them for a while so we enjoyed the time together.

After the family headed home, Marilyn & I snacked and watched some TV. The Cardinal baseball game was ended in the 8th inning because of rain, but the Cards were trailing at the time so they suffered a loss which allowed the Cubs to take over first place. That is quite a pennant race.

The construction crew will be here tomorrow to put in the windows, insulation in the ceiling, and install the heating and A/C unit. Life is Good!

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