Our new shower enclosure

View of the center walkway of the service center.

Our coach is up in the air getting some welding done...

Others getting their work done

The technician putting things together for us...

Well, at this juncture we’ve been here two weeks. Things are getting done, but... Today we’re in our last shop, cabinets/woodworks hoping that all goes well inside of two days. Our last shop, mechanics didn’t go very smooth. They did the welding on the hydraulic jacks cross brace just fine, but when it came to the jacks themselves, well... by the end of the day we had a new hydraulic pump and motor!

Sure glad we came in here when we did, the company RV Park was about 1/4 full, today there’s an overflow situation. Everyone else coming in for the last two days have had to go to one of the private parks.

Our feet are getting “itchy”, time to get moving on down the road...

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