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So I asked a friend for directions to his house. He lives across the river in Illinois and we thought about paying a visit since they have been friends of ours for many years. We met on a cruise way back when we could afford such a luxury.

The directions had many turns including consecutive turns in the same directions. I suspected he was deliberately intending to get us lost and we might never return. Then I realized that it was his lovely wife giving us directions and she would never do anything so devious. I only hope she wasn’t getting directions from her husband. I’ll let you know how that goes if we make it back.

Yesterday I spoke on the phone with a great guy who was my room-mate when we both were serving our country at an Air Force Base in Kansas. Ray and I have remained friends for all of the years since we were released from active duty. Ray worked for TWA after serving his country while I bummed around, working in South America for a while, and flying planes in different parts of the world.

It was nice to have a visit with an old buddy and I hope we can get together before too long. Sometimes it is nice to simply recall the things we did and adventures we shared long ago when we were much younger. There may be a few stories our wives haven’t heard but I doubt it. In fact they would probably say something like “Oh No, We don’t have to listen to you tell that story again do we?” Well, no. You can always go outdoors! LOL

Here’s to all of our friends wherever you are. Life is Good!

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