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Beware of low beams - breakfast in the pub

A three wheeler Reliant Robin

Colourful beach huts at Clacton

A lovely old yawl with wind turbines in background

Clacton's pier full of fun rides

Gorgeous seaside garden at Clackton

As the weather forecast was for some sunshine inbetween the showers we thought we'd try our luck and head for the sea for some fun in the sun. This time we visited the seaside resort town of Clacton-on-Sea with its long pleasure pier, amusement arcades and carnival rides.

As we were there over the weekend it was very crowded with domestic tourists, judging by their accents many were Londoners. Once we arrived we realised that the Clacton Airshow is on next weekend, oh well, there's always next time.

Lots of huge concrete blocks seem to have been delivered around town, they'll be put in place to stop any terror attacks. This is now our reality.

Our accommodation is conveniently located near the water and the pier, however our room is up 31 stairs. It includes a cooked breakfast which we are both well and truly over by now. I'm certainly looking forward to good old cereal again.

Our guesthouse host has a strong London accent and isn't the sort of person you want to get offside, luckily for us he likes Aussies - the French, not so much.

Well finally the weather was sunny enough for us to lay on the beach, yipee! Neither of us dared to enter the actual water as the expression on the faces of the people that did more than confirmed to us that the North Sea wasn't very warm.

Lots of colourful little beach huts line the main path along the sea front.

There are a lot of wind turbines dotted out in the North Sea, a lot! We saw a beautiful red sailed yawl sailing past the turbines - old meets new.

At night we had lots of fun playing the two penny slots and Grae found a Weatherspoon's pub which does very cheap pints. We actually ended up cashing in our two penny coins for a one pound coin. Not too sure if anyone's ever done that before.

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