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I was up early and had music playing softly, the fireplace on (No Heat) for ambiance, and started the coffee by the time my dear bride joined me. It is really nice to get up early in the morning and realize that you have no agenda requiring your immediate attention.

We did talk about a trip south sometime during the winter months, not only to escape the cold weather but also to visit our friends in Texas. Possibly a trip to Mexico could happen with the whole gang together at Poncho's Bar. That is far in the future though and we may not even want to leave to go anywhere when the frigid, icy, wind is blowing snow around our bodies, chilling us to the bone.

Maybe that is when we will simply stay indoors with the heat on high while we sip hot chocolate and stay comfortably wrapped in a blanket.

You northern folks please forgive me but our blood is thin from being in nice weather for the past 13 years.

We had a very pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon when one of my dear cousins called and stopped by to see us after receiving directions to our house. We enjoyed a nice visit with Mary and hope we can get together with all the cousins soon. We always have a wonderful time with lots of laughter when we are together.

We are anxious to have our sunroom addition completed but suspect another couple of weeks before we are out there watching the sunrise and sipping coffee in front of a nice large window.

We sure hope that you dear readers are having a wonderful day. Remember that Life is Good!

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