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Chapman’s Peak Drive, West Coast

Cape of Good Hope

Cape Point Lighthouse

African Penguins, The Boulders

Day 5. Cape Town

Drove past some beautiful coastal scenery as we headed towards Cape of Good Hope, something that we all remember from school days. Was reminded of Innes National Park in South Australia. Because our guide believes in early starts to beat the crowds, we had the place to ourselves, took some photos, and as we headed out saw queues of buses and cars coming in. Cape Point via the funicular provided amazing scenery minus the fog which was rolling in. We passed a male and female ostrich and a baboon on the side of the road, but I won’t enclose a photo of the baboon as he was showing his boy bits - not nice! Beautiful drive to Boulders Beach where we saw hundreds of penguins in and out of the water, watched an African group singing, then on to Simon’s Town for a lovely lunch. On the way home, we were caught in traffic - the police were doing breathalysers. We just crawled till we got past them, and were amazed to see 3+km of cars queued the other way. We drove past Cecil Rhodes house amongst some huge, nearly mansions - his was small and modest. He was a humble man and didn’t flaunt his wealth. Past the University and Groote Schuur Hospital (a public hospital) where Christian Bernard performed the first human heart transplant. Most people on the bus had a nap coming home, and we arrived about 3pm. Time for a rest for some - others have homework to do!!

Tomorrow we board our train, and there will be no phone, no internet connections. On Wednesday 21st we overnight at Pretoria, so will be ‘on air’ until we leave on the train on 22nd.

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