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I have been under the weather but feel fine this morning. I won't go into the details so all is well.

I have been tempted to compare the RV life to living in a stick & brick home again after 13 years on the road. I know however that it is too soon to make a fair comparison, so I will wait a while.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors in our unfinished sunroom, sipping our coffee, watching the leaves in the trees moving with the gentle breeze, and listening to the birds singing. I suppose that we may not have the sound effects once we actually have windows. LOL

I have plans to grill some pork steaks while Marilyn fixed fresh corn-on-the-cob for lunch today. We are both trying to watch what we eat so we may only have a light dinner and will make the lunch our main meal of the day.

The construction guys won't be here for a couple of days but things will go pretty quickly once they get the windows. I'm sure Marilyn will be taking pictures as things progress.

For now I will simply wish you well and remind you that Life is Good.

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