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The Railsplitter

Notice Jim & Billy to get the size of this behemoth

Too bad we weren't there to see actual rail splitting

You don't see schnitzel signs too often. Maybe Wienerschnitzel

The entrance sign near Kickapoo, IL

Full moon at camp

A huge HyVee grocery store in Peoria

Roasting some Hatch NM green chili that we bought at the HyVee

These were falling everywhere in the campground

This stop turned out to be quite an ordeal. We were here for almost a full week but you will notice that we took only a few photos. That's because we were running around taking care of an RV maintenance issue and had little time for actual sightseeing. We did not plan to stay this long in Jubilee. It was supposed to be just a one night stopover on our goal towards South Dakota to camp in the Sioux City Area.

August 13th started out innocently enough. We stopped on our way to Jubilee SP in Lincoln, Illinois for some gas. There we saw a sign for the World's Largest Covered Wagon. Well, ya gotta see this stuff when you are doing what we are doing.

It turns out that some guy recovering from a heart attack decided to build this thing.

It is called The Railsplitter featuring Abraham Lincoln up front reading a law book.

It is 40ft.long, 13ft.wide, & 25ft.tall.made of oak & steel and runs on its own wheels pulled by a tractor.

It holds the Guiness World Record.

After seeing this we went on to Kickapoo. Illinois near Peoria to Jubilee State Park. When setting up camp and connecting the electric power to the campground outlet, we discovered that we getting no power through to the RV. Jim checked the outlet and it had 50amp and 30amp power, but neither outlet power was getting to the RV itself. We do have 12 volt power and we do have an on-board generator that was working, however the daily temperatures at this time in Illinois were in the 90's with equally high humidity. In order to keep the RV cool we needed at least 30amp service and preferably 50amp service to run our two air conditioners.

We called a nearby RV service company. They were unusually helpful and tried to diagnose and solve the problem over the phone but that didn't work. They did agree to work us into there full schedule the next morning. Not wanting to spend the night in the sweltering heat and humidity, we spent the night in a hotel in Peoria about 20 miles away.

The next morning we took the RV into the service company. The owner checked it over and found the problem immediately. A broken connection between the rv power cord and its plug. He fixed it quickly and proceeded to check the power distribution throughout the rv. He discovered that our refrigerator was running on our propane gas when it should be running on electric when its plugged into electric power. Turns out there was a bad part in the refrigerator that needed to be replaced but he needed to order the part and have it shipped. So now we had our power for the air conditioner and we were running the refridgerator on propane but we decided to extend our stay ay Jubilee State Park and wait for the part we needed to be delivered and installed. So instead of a one night stopover, we now stayed 6 days. Another issue we had with the RV was that we were getting TV reception via our satillite dish if we weren't blocked by trees or buildings but we were not getting over-the-air TV via our roof antenna. This problem got fixed also during this stopover.

So we spent the week mostly driving the rv back and forth for service having to pack up and re-set things in and around the rv each time. We also did our grocery shopping during this time.

At camp we did meet a nice couple that were there from Deming, New Mexico so we bonded with them pretty easily and spent a couple of evening happy hours chatting.

Jubilee College, where the park gets its name, is a now defunct college that was open in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It now is a tourist attraction with limited hours. So limited that we were never able to tour it because every time we were avalable to visit it, it was closed.

This was one of those times that rv-ers say that you have to have a good sense of humor and a full wallet.

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