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On approach to the Ohio River crossing

Cool looking bridge

The mystery named nuclear plant on the Indiana side of the river

The welcome sign

Distillery building (rum & moonshine)

Workshop section of Distillery

Rear patio of Distillery

Rear Distillery patio with campfire ring & car

Sampling the rum & moonshine

The friendly resident cat in the Distillery ( It's alive)

Looking from bar to front door in Distillery

Two drunks hanging around in the Distillery with Pina Colada Rum

The Winery building

Cool looking tower on the winery

Front patio of winery building ( there is a rear one also)

The drunkards moved over to the Winery after the Distillery

Gotta sample all the wine varieties (list is spread on the bar)

The main wine bar

A more intimate wine bar

The hallway between the two bar rooms in the winery

Wine barrel sink in restroom

Winery workroom

Another view in the workroom

Outdoors after a light rain shower

Among the grapevines


Future wine

Different future wine

Love the tail on this miniature horse

Billy wasn't impressed

The goats

King of the hill

RV towards winery

RV towards grapevines

Main campfire ring

Outdoor stage at rear of winery

Headed now out of Kentucky into Indiana towards the Cedar Creek Winery in Martinsville. We crossed over the Ohio River again seeing a pretty cool looking bridge followed by a nuclear power plant. Tried to Google the plants name however all I got was that there were NO active nuclear plants in Indiana. Google did picture and describe a plant in ruins that seemed to be in the same location as the one we were passing by which was obviously very active and working. There were no road signs identifying this plant either. A mystery.

We went on to the winery which was absolutely beautiful. The grounds were large with several buildings and outdoor locations to relax and of course drink. It had two main buildings, one for the rum and moonshine making and sales; the other was for the wine making and sales.

This winery also puts on large outdoor concerts during the summer attracting over 1000 people per concert. We were there during the week and a concert was scheduled on the weekend. They were preparing the parking area for the crowds.

There was a very cute miniature horse and a couple of goats on site also.

Another camper was already parked in the vineyard when we arrived. We parked in the parking lot on a hard surface not wanting to possibly sink into the grass because it was looking like rain was approaching.

We met the vintner who was very interesting explaining how he got into the wine business and how the winery operates. He also talked about the concerts they put on. They attract a lot of people from Indianapolis for these.

It did rain for awhile but stopped so we could enjoy a campfire at the winery's campfire circle. We were joined briefly by the other camper that was there. The man joined us but his wife (or whatever) remained in their trailer. The provided wood was wet from all the recent rains but "Firebug Sue" eventually got it going.

By the way, the wine was yummy.

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