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I really need to get caught up. We have been so busy that one day seems to run into another with no pause to catch our breath.

The work on our sunroom continues and today they really accomplished a lot. When I drove Marilyn to the Clinic for an x-ray of her knee and a follow-up shot to give her some comfort, I took advantage of the waiting time to make a run to Lowes to pick up eight can lights along with the trim and LED bulbs. Those may get installed tomorrow.

I picked up my sweet bride at the clinic and we drove home where I got right to work mowing the lawn. I waved to Marilyn from the seat of the riding mower as she left again, this time to get a haircut and to do the grocery shopping. I had just completed trimming around the driveway when she returned. That was my signal to help carry in the groceries.

Marilyn & I both have decided to diet in an attempt to lose some weight. I am heavier than I have ever been and need to rid myself of a "Dunlap" tummy. Oh, you don't recognize the term "Dunlap"? Well, that is when your belly has Dunlapped over your belt. LOL

I told the grandkids the other day that it has been more than a year since I last saw my bellybutton. They thought that was funny but it was true. Sigh....

On another subject I will have my follow-up eye exam tomorrow morning, and the Doc will prescribe reading glasses if they are needed. I'll let you know how things go, but I doubt if I need much in the way of improvement. I no longer have any limitations on my driver's license and my vision is now good enough to pass my flight physical, even without glasses.

Life is Good!

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