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unknown bug


My photo on canvas

Shower before remodel

Shower framing

We’ve got mostly good news this week. The shower installers began yesterday. I expect the work to continue into next week. The plumber re-plumbed the whole house late last week. It took him about 12 hours (mostly spent under the house). He is back today to finish insulating the pipes. He also installed a water filtration and softening system. This area has some of the hardest water in the country, and it’s been a real struggle to keep water spots off of everything. The new softening system does not use salt. It uses filters. We now have three filters installed in the garage. Don’t ask me how they work, but I can already tell the difference in taste and with the laundry. And it’s such a relief to have the plumbing work all done! The window guy called and cancelled last Monday’s meeting. His mom is very ill, and he will reschedule when she is better. The locksmith never called or showed. Bill’s new diabetic doctor called over the weekend. She’s on vacation but wanted to personally give him the results of the special test she’d ordered a couple weeks ago. There is now no question that Bill is (and probably always has been) a Type 1 diabetic. He was been mis-diagnosed and mis-treated for the last 20+ years. What I’ve learned so far about Type 1: It’s not always childhood inset. It’s an auto-immune disease that attacks the pancreas, rendering it incapable of making any of its own insulin. The reason Bill ended up in the ER/ICU is solely because his primary care doctor told him to stop taking his insulin (she was sure he could make his own). We have yet to hear from her personally since this all happened. Bill has an appointment with her on Monday. I’m probably not going, because I’m not sure I could keep quiet. The specialist prescribed some new insulin, and since he’s been on it (and really watching our diet), his blood sugars have come down to a reasonable range. He continues to lose weight and is keeping busy setting up his garage space and doing odds and ends around the house. It’s so good to see his energy is back! We may even see a brief reprieve from the heat this afternoon, and possibly some much needed rain! I can’t identify the bug in the photos, so I’ve requested an ID from my bug expert group on FB. We’re seeing different hummingbirds at the feeder lately. The lady at Wild Birds Unlimited told me our regulars are already heading south, and the ones I’m seeing at the feeder now are the migrants. We should continue to have hummingbirds through October, as the Fall season here is still usually in the 70’s.

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