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1st King salmon



The Klutina Salmon Charters (KSC) co-owner, Glen, invited me to go along with him, his guides and a few friends and other folks from the campground to fish for kings. Ten of us took three rafts up to Mile 14 on the Klutina. This is their normal starting point for charters. Dave and I were with charter guide Andrew (“Dr. Animal”) in his raft. We stopped at the first hole, “Moose Meadow”. I hadn’t fished for 10 minutes when I was the first one to get one on (luck). WOW! This my first king salmon. I could get “hooked” on this king fishing. He (actually she) put up quite a battle but I landed her. The bad part is that I didn’t fish for the rest of the day. The good holes are limited in number and size and with 10 people, I figured others should have their chance. Soon after mine, Dave landed a “hog”. His fish was 46” and close to 50 pounds. Glen got one on and immediately broke his borrowed rod! He, with the help of two others, managed to land the fish. You should have seen that fiasco! The upper Klutina is beautiful. We didn’t see the cinnamon bear sow and cubs they had seen the day before but there were lots of eagles (of course) and a nest with two eaglets. It was a great day on the River with good fishing and folks who are becoming good friends!


Big day for KSC, some of the other area charter companies and a few of their clients and friends. A formal/informal king salmon derby on the last day of the king season for this area. They had 41 entrants, each paid a nominal fee which became the winner take all pot. A petite early 20 something lady with a 50” king took the prize. There were a number of other nice kings taken but her fish was the largest. Ginger and I were invited but I decided to sit out to allow the others maximum fishing opportunities and Ginger didn't think her back would hold up to the long and very rough trip to the put in.

Sunday and Monday

We stayed two extra days and worked our butts off helping the owners clean up, close up, etc. Sunday night we went to the Princess Lodge with Randy, Kathy, Dave and Karen for a very nice dinner. We were dragging by Monday night. No one wanted to cook so we went to The Copper Center Inn with Randy and Kathy for dinner.

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