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Made it to Skagway this morning. The trip that would have taken us into Canada again and then back to Alaska in 9 hours of driving only took one hour. We put our Motorhomes on the Alaska Marine Highway and sailed to our next destination.

I thought it was going to be too expensive to use the Marine HWY but checked into it anyway. The cost was about the same as I would have used in fuel and I saved the mileage, Fuel, Time and wear and tear on the coach and my nerves. It was really a no brainer, we enjoyed the trip to Skagway.

Today we went on the White Pass Railroad built to help get Stampeders to the gold fields in the Klondike in 1898. We took lots of pictures and had a great time on this 4 hour train trip.

We visited two Graveyards, one was the Slide Cemetery in Dyea, most of the people burred there all died the same day during the peak of the gold rush in an avalanche April 3 1898 Palm Sunday.

The second cemetery is the Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway. Burred there among others is the biggest conman of the area, Jefferson "Soapy" Smith and the man that killed him, Frank Reid.

We also went to a play about Soapy Smith set in the time he lived, it was a good show.

We leave in the morning August 18th, today is our last full day in Alaska. It has been a great trip and a wonderful experience. All I can say is, "So long Alaska, until next time".

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