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Lincoln Cathedral

A pretty scene in Lincoln after the downpour

Boston Cathedral

Beautiful interior of Boston Cathedral

Are we in Holland - no still Boston, UK that is.

It is always tea time here, a go on!

Mablethorpe beach on a windy summer's day

My Ploughman's Lunch for dinner at Mablethorpe

whelks, cockles, mussels, shrimps - very British seaside treats

After another delay before taking off we arrive back in England after a relatively short flght from Knock to East Midlands on Ryanair.

Another country, another hire car. Our Europecar Fiat 500 has more hits than Elvis!

We still haven't heard back from AVIS about the 700 Euros they've taken from our account for a minor scratch in Italy.

Anyway back to sightseeing...

Our accommodation at the Queen in the West pub in Lincoln was the entire ground floor of the tiny terrace house next door. Complete with its own front door and house number 168. It was all rather cute with antique writing bureau, wardrobe and side tables.

Later as we walked into town the heavens opened up and we huddled under trees for shelter while the shower passed. We walked to Lincoln Cathedral not realising it was up a very steep hill call Steep Hill - the name should have been a clue. It was well after 8.00pm and the Cathedral was only still open as a sold out production of Oliver Twist was underway. One of the organisers was very friendly and chatted with us sharing insights about the Cathedral and Lincoln. If it wasn't for the two universities Lincoln would be a ghost town. He also advised us that Mablethorpe was very working class. Great, we should fit right in!

We also met another chatty staffer at the Castle gate which was closed due to a Vivienne Westward exhibition. On hearing we were Australian he explained that the prison chapel here is the only original one remaining in the world where prisoners were also segregated in upright stalls - solitary confinement in church too. He told us the only other one was in Port Arthur in Tasmania but it has burnt down - interesting.

By the time we got back down to our accommodation around 10.30pm the DJ was in full swing - it was very loud until about 1.00am. Lucky us...

The next morning after a very filling Full English breakfast we headed for Mablethorpe, a traditional seaside holiday resort on the Lincolnshire Coast which was very working class (filled with battlers just like us). The various English accents were amazing, listening to the people around me but not really understanding what they were saying. One guy asked if I was having a laugh in a very broad accent. It was very funny.

The main street was lined with old style amusement arcades, souvenir shops, fish and chip shops selling tubs of cockles, whelks, jellied eels and shrimps, a Mablethorpe Rock shop (lollies not rocks) and pubs. The beach was huge and wide and due to the strong winds we were sandblasted as we tried to walk along the sand.

We ate dinner at The Louth, one of the pubs on the main street and I made the mistake of ordering the Ploughman's Lunch which was enourmous. Huge pieces of ham, a cup of shredded cheese, half a scotch egg, some pork pie, salad, coleslaw, Branston pickles and buttered bread. Obviously this must be what the ploughmen eat around here! Grae had a rather large baked potato with chilli.

Our accommodation had seen better days as the floor in our room seemed on a bit of a lean but it was only 50 pounds, included a cooked breakfast and was very close to the beach.

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