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Marilyn & I began our morning for the second day in a row with coffee on the patio, inside the skeleton of our future sunroom. With the windows framed in we can easily imagine how it will appear when it is completed.

We could easily have lingered longer outdoors but we felt the need to get busy. Marilyn cleaned the kitchen and put a roast with veggies in the slow cooker. That will be awesome for dinner. She also started doing laundry, and researched on line for a few items for the house.

I made the beds, took the trash out, programmed the weather radio, and cleaned out a storage tub for Marilyn, taking the nearly empty tub to the storage shed.

Later, I went on-line to research and then order the heating and A/C unit for the sunroom. It will be shipped next week. Speaking of the sunroom, it is really beginning to come together. The framing is done and some of the outside sheeting is now complete. The crew is doing a good job and by the end of next week we should be seeing a large amount of progress.

I finished reading Nick Russell’s latest Big Lake book and need to get the cover design finished for my own book with Kelly’s writings. I will be so happy when that book is published.

Life is Good!

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