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Titmouse pair with caterpillar breakfast


Sparrow babies

Texas Blind Snake

Blind snake

New egret wall art in dining room

New heron wall art in dining room

New shell art tiles in kitchen

Nearly all of the nature photos in today’s blog were taken yesterday. It was one of those special days when nature presented itself everywhere I went. The tiny snake, called a Texas Blind Snake or Thread Snake was laying in the street in front of our house, and surely would have been run over. I picked it up and put it over in the grass. These little guys only get 11 inches or so when fully grown. They aren’t blind, but have tiny eyes and mostly live underground, so their vision isn’t good. The most interesting fact I found about them is that owls will grab them up and bring them back home alive, not to eat them, but to cohabitate with them, as these snakes will burrow in the nests and eat the parasites.

One of the sad parts of living in a senior community is that you frequently hear about a neighbor that has passed away or is ill. The ‘mom’ of one of Mo’s favorite friends (the dog’s name is “Velcro”) just fell and broke her hip. This lady is the feistiest 80+-year-old cougar we’ve ever met. She’s a blast to be around, and we sure hope she recovers soon.

The master shower plumbers came Wednesday to move the drain, raise the shower head (for Bill’s height) and remove the old double vanities. They also had to re-pipe part of the area under the shower. Wednesday night, our regular plumber called to say he was finally ready to re-plumb the whole house. They started yesterday morning and are finishing it up now. What a relief that we won’t have to worry about leaks now. All of the old, bad pipes are gone. We actually haven’t had any other leaks beside the one months ago in the master bathroom. The install of the master shower will hopefully begin sometime next week. All the supplies are in, but we are waiting for the tile guy to finish another job. Monday, the window guy is coming to measure and discuss replacement windows for the front room. Energy efficiency is what we need most. Tuesday a locksmith is coming to re-key the house. We should have done this when we first moved in, but we’ve been a little busy with other projects.

I’m continuing to decorate walls with art I find online. I just discovered that I can have framed, thick canvas prints of my own photos made at Walgreen’s and get them the same day. They even do collage canvases, which would be great for my best bird shots. You order them online and either pick them up at the store or have them mailed. Our Kerrville Walgreen’s is making one up for me that should be ready this afternoon. And they are all half price through tomorrow night (8/10). If anyone is interested, the coupon code is FIFTY50. The photo I selected is of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush from the Hill Country. I took the photo a couple of years ago. I’ll try to remember to include it in the next blog.

We are still suffering in this heat, but our air conditioning is working fabulously!

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