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Bar Island Land Bridge

You've Been Warned

Steps on the Beehive Trail

Nearing the Summit on the Beehive Trail

Summit Marker

Sand Beach From the Beehive Summit

Otter Point From the Ocean Path

Looking Back Towards Sand Beach From the Ocean Path

View From Otter Point

Bar Harbor From Cadillac Mountain

Got a fairly early start this morning. I was at the Hull’s Cove Visitor’s Center at 8 when they opened. Picked up a couple of items then headed out to the parking lot to catch the bus to Bar Harbor’s Village Green. Walked down to the Bar Island Land Bridge. It is just as advertised…you can walk across to Bar Island. I have pictures from the same spot from last evening and again this morning. On Bar Island there is a trail you can hike to the highest peak on the island but it is about a mile, so 2 round trip. I would have had about an hour, based on their 1.5 hours after low tide rule, which would normally be doable but I didn’t want to take a chance plus I had some other things I wanted to get started on. Back in town I went about hunting down some breakfast. Ended up at Subway. It was pretty bad. Next hopped a bus to Sand Beach to hike the 1.8 mile Beehive Trail loop. The trail goes straight up the side of the mountain. It is what is called a ladder trail which as the name implies, at certain points involves climbing steel rungs up the side of the mountain while other places are steps cut into the rock. It is undoubtedly one of the more interesting trails I’ve ever hiked. From the top the trail continues north to The Bowl which is a small lake. The loop includes the Bowl Trail back to Sand Beach which is a more normal type hike. From Sand Beach I took the Ocean Path trail which runs along the Park Loop Road parallel to the shore line. This trail is 3.0 miles long and mostly flat. I unknowingly cut the trail short at Otter Cliffs for 2.6 miles. Took a bus back to the Village Green. It was only 2 o’clock but I felt like I had had a full day already! Grabbed lunch at the Bar Harbor Beerworks, then caught the 3:30 bus back to the visitor’s center to get my car. After stopping at the Center to stamp my National Park Passport, decided to drive the full Park Loop Road. Made a couple of stops including at Otter Cliff to finish the .4 miles to Otter Point but of course then I had to do the .4 miles back to the parking lot. Also stopped at Cadillac Mountain again since my time was rather limited yesterday on the bus tour. Walked the concrete pathway along the edge of the mountain. It was getting late so I decided call it a day. Stopped at Pepper’s Pizza and Subs on the way back to the motel to pick up a sub for dinner and another for tomorrow’s lunch. Got back to the hotel around 7.

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