Note the rock wall and the narrow road!

Note the rock wall and the narrow road...

Note the rock wall and the narrow road !

This is tobacco, it’s a big plant with broad leafs


We arrive at Paris Winery, we’re the only ones here...

The Winery

Patio for restaurant and wines

Events held in here

Ginger says, “Come check it out”

We departed the Walmart right on time, 9:00 a.m. still following US Hwy 68 West to Russellville, KY where we switched to US Hwy 79 and proceeded South. We followed that till Paris where switched to Hwy 641 going South. When we had finished refueling in Clarksville we spent a few minutes on the iPad planning for our night stay. Checking the Harvest Host, HH, membership site we found the neatest, coolest, awesomest little winery right on our route! So, we made the call to the contact person, who said it was ok to come in. Our drive today was 240 miles... Again some of the miles were on old US Hwy that hadn’t been improved yet...

We enjoyed driving through corn, bean and tobacco farm lands. Many people haven’t seen a tobacco plant so we took a couple pictures for you. Also, along Hwy 79 we discovered an area where there was miles and miles of rock fence, so perfectly laid out along the highway.

The Paris Winery is just 9 miles south of the town of Paris, Tennessee. They are so welcoming and generous they invited us in, even though they were closed for the day. They’re known for their Sangria and are open Thursday thru Saturday. Many events are held throughout the year.

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