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A quieter day today. We went to see this amazing exhibition of carved Emu eggs, where the carver, an elderly Greek gentleman puts lights inside of them to show off the amazing colours. I did not know that Emu eggs had 10 layers and each layer has a different colour, which gets lighter and lighter as one gets to the centre. They were beautiful.

We then headed off to a wine farm, where we enjoyed delicious scones, grape jam and cream. Of course we had to do a little 'tasting' of the liquid grapes and then felt obliged to purchase a couple of bottles for ourselves, together with a bottle for our neighbour (special order).

We decided to re-organise our camera equipment so it is a little more secure in the back of the ute this afternoon, not just lying all over the back seat as it has been!

We did consider changing direction as we see there are 3 days of dust storms predicted for Lightening Ridge, and then of course the cold front coming up which is supposed to be bringing storms and hail. We are not worried about the cold or potential snow, but the dust and potentially hail did not excite us much, however we have decided to continue on our route and hope for the best. I really want to go to Dubbo and Tamworth. The caravan is really cozy and warm, so I am very happy about that :)

We plan to go for an early morning walk along the river tomorrow and hopefully catch a few good bird shots before we hit the road again on the route to Lightening Ridge.

Dust gets EVERYWHERE - phew it sure is dusty here!! About to hop into a nice hot shower (in the van) and wash some of this dust off!

Next chat from New South Wales!!

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