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Today was another travel day that was two days in one, a day in South Korea before catching the flight and the same day spent in LA.

We had the third seating for the breakfast buffet that didn't start until 8:50 allowing us to sleep in a little bit. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet and then returned to the room to rest and finish packing. Our pick-up time was 10:30, so we went down to the lobby at 10:15 to checkout and pay the bill, and our driver was already there.

We had an hour drive to the airport so we both read on the way. At the beautiful Incheon airport our Korean Airlines flight was scheduled for a 2:30 departure. But the flight was delayed until 4:40. (I knew this having checked-in online yesterday.) Before we were able to drop our luggage, we were asked security questions by a Korean Airline employee who was in the queue. The questions were about our bags and any purchases made, etc. Then they placed a Korean Air Security sticker on our passport back cover. We had no trouble through security (they were using the body scanners where you step in and raise your hands) and passport control where they had us go through the e-check line where you scan your passport and place one finger for a fingerprint check.

So we had plenty of time at the airport and took our time strolling to the gate. The airport has a lot of high end stores. We had some Korean money left and we were looking to get rid of it. Jean looked in a few shops, but we ended up buying a Korean edition of a Harry Potter book. Along the way we saw a parade of people in traditional ancient Korean garb, complete with drums playing. We passed a stage with a piano that several travelers used to play a tune or two.

After our purchase, Jean used her Priority Pass Lounge card and we spent the next 3 1/2 hours in the SPC Lounge up on the fourth floor that was near our gate. Here we had a quiet place with a variety of comfortable chairs from which to choose, with various hot & cold food and drinks included. Jean read and used their computers to check her college email. I finished typing the August 4 entry and started to upload the pictures.

I did not finish uploading the pictures, that will have to wait until we arrive in Los Angeles. This is the crazy day where we gain back our lost day through crossing the International Dateline, plus a 10 hour difference between South Korea and California. Our flight was now scheduled to leave at 4:40 Monday afternoon from South Korea and arrive at 12:20 Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. So basically I landed before I took off.

We encountered security questions at the gate again, even though I had a sticker saying that I had been questioned. (I guess I look like a shady character.). They said it was at the request of US Homeland Security. Our flight moved away from the gate about 4:50 and took off at 5:00 for the 11+ hour flight. Leaving late was ok by me because check in at the hotel in LA was 3:00.

We watched movies just as we always do. I saw "The Hummingbird Project" a 2018 movie about laying a straight fiber-optic cable to make the time faster on Wall Street trading; "Little" a 2019 remake of "Big"; and the 2019 "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase" which should have been a made for TV movie. The rest of the selections were ones I had already seen, or had no interest. There wasn't much of a selection from which to choose. I ended up watching two Marvel movies I have seen several times - Captain Marvel and Ironman. Jean watched the 2018 movie "Red Joan"; 2018 "Gloria Bell; 2018 "All is True"; 2019 "Cold Pursuit" ; and 2018 "Saint Judy".

We received two meals on the plane. Jean had the beef pasta entrée, and I had the seafood pasta entrée. The meal came with a salad, roll, and chocolate dessert. For breakfast, we both had the frittata with spinach and a small tomato, and also included was fresh fruit & a croissant.

We landed at 12:17 and were at the gate by 12:28. We breezed through passport control via Global Entry. Off of our flight from Korea, we were the only ones in that area. They must've had at least 40 machines to use and the two of us and a couple of business men from other flights were using the machines. It took forever for our luggage to appear.

We were picked up by the Homewood Suite hotel shuttle and arrived at 2:00 to the same hotel we used on our trip outbound. Checkin was 3:00, but they had a room available. Yeah!

The rest of the day was used to play catch up with sleep and/or watch TV. Jean was happy to have familiar TV channels again. I went over to the Subway that we used last time we were here about 5:00 to pick up two 6" subs for dinner. We ate together at the kitchen counter.

I crashed about 7:00 and was back up at 9:30. Then back to bed at 11:00. This is why we do a day in California on the way back to help adjust our screwed-up biological clock. It will be an early morning tomorrow in order to catch our 9:15 flight.

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