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Cardinal on river trail

Grave found along Kerrville river trail

Cicada peeping in our window

Sunday morning sky (after a brief shower)

Two-tone feather

New coasters

A few days ago, while we were making yet another trip to the hardware store, the air conditioning in Bill’s Honda died. The heat index was over 100 degrees, so the ride back home was toasty to say the least! We dropped the car off at the shop this morning, and since part of the 5-mile Kerrville river trail was just a block away, we took Mo for a nice morning stroll. The skunk grave was along that trail (it may just be a joke, I’m not sure). Bill spent most of Saturday and Sunday washing windows. We don’t think they’d been washed in years. There was dried paint inside and out. Yesterday, as he worked his way up to the front room (my art studio), he discovered just how bad (cheap) those windows are. The rest of the house had new windows installed a couple of years ago, but the ones in the art studio area are original to the house (late-1980’s). This area gets all the morning sun, and even with the new window coverings, there is a great deal of heat coming in. We decided to add the replacement of these windows on our list of things to do. Now, just a brief rant before I continue. I love my hubby, but one of the things that makes me cringe is his pre-programmed saying to anyone he talks to about doing any work for us. He ALWAYS says the same thing: “There’s no rush on this”. Then, when it’s weeks down the road and he hasn’t heard back from them, he gets upset. Go figure! It’s especially the wrong thing to say down here, where everything moves slower than molasses anyway. This morning, he called the window company that had installed the other windows on the house. And when they told him they’d call him back with a time to come out for an estimate, can you guess what he told them? Okay, enough of that. On tap for this week: The plumber should be out to move the shower drain and cap off the faucet in the second vanity (the shower will take up that space and more). Once he is done, the shower remodeling can begin (depending upon the guys’ schedules). I have two new art pieces coming tomorrow. They are prints on wood of a great blue heron and a great egret. They will frame the dining room windows. I bought some tortoise sandstone drink coasters last week. This house is loving its beach-y theme! Bill just mentioned that he needs to buy a new belt. His pants are getting loose. Our scale broke, but when they weighed him at the doctor’s office last week, he had lost over 10 pounds. Now, most of us would go and buy new pants, but he hates to shop, so he’s hoping to be able to pick up a belt at the local Tractor Supply store!

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