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There was a mistake involving the Elliott house in Scotsburn. Most of you could probably care less but a few previous Elliott's and Hill's should get the undated information that one prior Elliott provided. The woman mentioned in the previous blog entry does not live in the Elliott house, she lives in the house next door. Both Ross and Marge were certain the woman said she lived in the Elliott house but it seems both of them did not hear her correct. However, the prior Elliott did confirm the woman's culinary skills were lacking.

The dishwasher was not able to lock and on turns the dishwasher tub would slide out and make a loud noise. After Ross and Marge arrived in Hermon Ross went to the hardware store to look for a lock of some type that could be used to stop the tub movement but he did not find anything suitable. They knew that simply getting a lock was not going to solve the problem of the dishwasher working because the the dishwasher's locking mechanism failure also prevented the dishwasher from washing dishes. Ross called his goto guy, Don Boyd, in Red Bay and told them how to remove the dishwashers face panel.

Ross and Marge were able to get the face panel off but it did take them about 10 minutes to do so. Once the facing was removed the problem was obvious as three of the screws that attach the interior face panel to the front face panel had stripped which prevented the electric eye from being aligned with the switch that needed to be turned on by the electric eye. Ross found three screws that were larger that the original screws but short enough to not penetrate the front of the front panel.

Installing the three new screws was easy but getting the face panel back in place was very difficult. It must have taken about 45 minutes before they were able get the face properly positioned. They were still not sure everything was properly aligned until they turned the dishwasher "ON" and the dishwasher started to work and water could be heard flowing into the tub. NO, they do NOT plan on opening a dishwasher repair business. It is simply better to be lucky than smart.

On Friday Ross, Marge, Bruce, and Bonnie drove to Bar Harbor, Maine which is a small village on the coast of Maine and adjacent to Acadia National Park. The town is small but the crowd was terrible. Parking in the village was impossible so we drove into Acadia National Park as Bruce and Bonnie wanted to go to the Sand Beach. The Sand Beach is a unique beach in that there are very few of this type of beach. The sand itself is made up of products that are not usually found in coastal sand. Ross thought he took photos of two signs that explain the composition of this unique sand and but these photos did not take and so are not attached to this blog. Ross did go online and copied the Sand Beach-Acadia information from the internet. Bonnie and Bruce walked down the stairs to the beach and they were there for about 30 minutes. The beach, like Bar Harbor, was packed and it took us about 30 minutes to get into a parking space when we first arrived.

Sand Beach - Acadia

Sand Beach, in Acadia National Park, is nestled in a small inlet between the granite mountains and rocky shores of Mount Desert Island. This gorgeous 290 yard long beach is one of the most popular points of interest on the island.

The thousands of years of pounding surf created a beach that is largely comprised of unique sand of shell fragments. The ocean temperature rarely exceeds 55 degrees in the summer and there is approximately one half cup of salt per gallon of ocean water.

Access to Sand Beach is provided via the Park Loop Road just after the park fee entrance station on the northeastern side of the island. A lifeguard is on duty from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Changing rooms and restrooms are located next to the parking area. The Island Explorer Shuttle Bus has a pickup and drop-off point here and stops about every half hour during normal season hours.

The mountain that you will notice from the parking area is likely The Beehive. Look closely and you might see people climbing toward the summit.

There is a very nice oceanside trail, accessed from the upper parking lot, that follows the shore's edge past Thunder Hole and arrives at Otter Cliff to the south. This is well worth the trek.

Sand Beach GPS: Latitude 44.330198; Longitude -68.183998

For more detailed information on Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, visit AcadiaMagic.com.

After leaving the beach they headed back to the campground but they were also looking for a lobster store where they could get a lobster lunch. Ross and Marge had been to this lobster store some years ago and they were able to find it. The four ordered lunches that included lobster rolls for all four. After finishing their lunch Marge and Ross bought two live lobsters, one one pound and one two pound, for consumption the next day in the motorhome.

The next day, Saturday, Ross and Marge boiled a pot of salted water then placed the two lobsters into the boiling water. Ross' lobster was two pounds and needed between 12 and 15 minutes to cook, and Marge's was the one pound lobster which needed only 5 to 8 minutes to cook. It takes some energy to open the lobsters to get the meat but it is well worth the effort. Lobster meat combined with melted butter is a great meal.

Saturday evening Bonnie and Bruce invited Ross and Marge over of a wax bean (yellow bean) soup prepared by Bruce. It was an excellent dinner.

Sunday morning all four loaded into Ross' truck and headed for Freeport, Maine where they were to meet two friends, Jack and Diane. Jack and Diane are friends/relatives. Jack is Marge's cousin and Diane is Bonnie's high school friend. How this group became connected will not be discussed at this time.

Freeport is a small New England town that is full of all kinds of shops and eating facilities. L.L.Bean has a huge facility that seems to take up more than a city block. Parking again was a problem but Ross was lucky and got a spot rather quickly. Everyone met up at L.L. Bean and they toured some of the L.L. Bean square footage.

Later they walked to a restaurant that has been in business since the 1700's and they had their lunch/dinner. The restaurant, like the rest of the town, was crowded and they had to wait 45 minutes to get a table for six. Three of the six decided to go

shopping during that 45 minutes. However, wait time turned out to be less than 45 minutes and when they were called for the three shoppers were not back and would not answer phone calls from the three at the restaurant. Therefore they had to wait for the three shoppers to return. The crowd at the restaurant had thinned out by the time the three shoppers returned and all six got seated without a great deal of wait.

After the restaurant Ross went to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream and then returned to the truck to wait for everyone to return after their shopping ventures. Shortly after getting to the truck Jack and Bruce showed up so we had a boys talk while waiting for the girls. Once the girls showed up Diane gave Ross and Marge a homemade blueberry pie. Everyone then said their goodbye's and started there trips to their


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