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Set off from home at about 7:30 this morning and stopped in Kilcoy for a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. We always carry a 'breakfast bag' and 'picnic bag' so we are self sufficient in terms of food and drinks! It was a little chilly 9 degrees!

We could not believe how dry everything became the more distance we put between ourselves and the coast. John spotted a wedge tail eagle catching something and taking it into a tree, but unfortunately we did not have our cameras set up yet as we were still setting up camp, however, we grabbed our cameras, long lenses on and off we went to get a closer view. We could see him plucking off feathers but was not sure what he had caught, but then some other birds decided to chase him out of the area but we think he was finished his meal anyway. Upon investigation under the branch he had been eating, we discovered he had eaten a galah!

We took a walk around the property which is filled with deep cracks from the drought, although the creek did have some water in it. Very sad to see.

The buildings and history around Jondaryan is great but what a pity there are no activities going on at the moment. Apparently that only happens during festivals and certain holidays. We took a short drive later this afternoon hoping to catch a good sunset, but unfortunately it was not to be ... maybe tomorrow :)

Earlier we had sat outside the caravan eating our lunch and later having tea, with the van door open, and did notice a few flies around, well when we got back and entered the van to close up for the evening, there must have been at least 40 flies sitting all over the ceiling! It must have been hysterical watching John with the fly swatter and me following with paper towel to pick up the dead bodies. Speedy little buggars they were too! Lesson learnt - keep the screen door closed.

I will load some photos from my phone to follow.

Cheers till tomorrow night.

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