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This is a manual pump and what looks like a drinking fountain...











































He is counting the Salmon going up river

















































We Made it to Haines. I am again expecting to receive my Motor for the Hydraulic Pump, wish me luck it should be here on the 7th.

We plan to do a lot of sight seeing here, a little fishing and a day trip to Juneau, the State Capitol. We will get there by water taxi and it should be a fun trip.

The cell service and park internet was so bad I could not make any updates to this blog and I apologize to those who have been closely following the saga of my hydraulic motor.

The Motor did not arrive on the 7th but it did arrive on the 8th. I put it in and not only was I immediately on level footing but my whole world has expanded. it's great to have all four slide outs working again.

I am no longer in Haines so I can again add text and pictures so here goes; Each day drove the coast looking for Bald Eagles and Bears. I have added the pictures to this stop.

We also went to the Bald Eagle Conservatory, it is a place that deals with all the Raptors found in Alaska and has stuffed animals and marine life on display.

Finally, we did go to Juneau but I am making it a separate entry so I get it added to the Map.

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