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Denali from Petersville Rd (closest road to the Mtn)

Approaching the City of Petersville (sp - yeah, I know)

There it is


Spawning salmon


The road continues

Anyone need a new RV?

BIG Bucket List Day

Denali and Ruth Glacier



West side Denali

Don Sheldon Ampitheater - our landing zone

Sheldon Mountainhouse (lodge - $$$$$$) behind K2 Otter

Denali is up there


35 mile long Ruth Glacier



9 zip lines

"Beam me up Scotty"

Ginger on the rappel

Ginger on her way


Sunday we moved up to the Talkeetna area. Don’t know if I mentioned that we stayed at Mt. View RV Park in Palmer. It is a good full hookup park to stay in within the Palmer area with reasonable rates. We still (at this point) don’t know why our MiFi wasn’t working there. Talkeetna is a small but interesting town at the confluence of three major rivers, some distance south of Denali NP. It is the jump off point for those climbing the mountain (climbers are flown to the base camp at 7,200’) and for flightseeing of “The Great One”. In 2013 we had booked a flight with K2 to fly around the mtn and land on a glacier. We had to scrub that due to less than desirable weather. So, we are attempting again. It is unlikely that we’ll see Denali “totally out” as only about 30% of visitors do. But we are hoping for decent enough weather for a good flight.

Sooo, we arrived at K2 Monday AM. Weather not looking optimum for trip around the Mtn – we postponed it to Tuesday. We drove north on the Parks then out the Petersville Rd to the “City” of Petersville, then beyond into the Yentna gold mining (old and present) area. On and around the claims we saw a bunch of old equipment left behind. We have seen this a lot and always wonder why some of it is left behind – seemingly good equipment? Go figure. We saw some salmon spawning in a small stream, did some panning (no luck) and got some very good views of Denali. This is the closet road to the Mtn but it is still far away.

We arrived at K2 before 12:30 for our scheduled 1:00PM flight. We had mostly clear skies in Talkeetna and the weather cam looking at Denali was looking pretty good. Unfortunately we could not do the Grand Tour that we had signed up for – not clear enough. They have not made this flight for a week and a half and the next several days didn’t look promising. So we opted for the Denali Flyer Tour (1-3/4 hr flight) with glacier landing. We were on an Otter again (great bush plane) with Daniel as the pilot. We twisted and turned around Denali and the other mtns in the area and some of the many glaciers. Ginger says AWESOME. I can’t really think of an appropriate adjective to describe the flight, seeing Denali and surrounding mtns up close and landing on a glacier over a mile high. I guess that I will just go with - breathtaking. No, we didn’t see Denali fully out but it was pretty darned good. We took a TON of photos so I just selected a few that I thought you would enjoy.

On Wednesday we did the Denali Zipline Tour. Nine ziplines, 3 swinging sky bridges, spiral stairs and a rappel. First was “ground school” – what to do and NOT do. Ginger was a little apprehensive but after the 2nd zip, she settled in. It was a hoot. Not any great scenery as the course was through the woods. The last zip was the longest, 600’ over a pond. My Tarzan yell needs some work. This is also in the Toursaver book. Having worked up an appetite, we had very good burgers at West Rib – a locals hangout. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Ranger Station and wondering round “downtown”.


Started the day off with breakfast at the famous Talkeetna Roadhouse. You had better go hungry or maybe share a meal. No tipping here as they pay all their staff what they call fair wages. We hooked up in a light sprinkle and headed south on the Parks. 1st stop was at the Verizon store (again) in Wasilla to hopefully remedy the new MiFi which was acting up. We picked up a few things in Freddie’s then Walmart, fueled at Freddie’s in Palmer and headed east on the Glenn Highway. Next stop (other than a few rest stops) was the AK State CG at Lake Louise – 18 miles over some pretty rough road. We knew it was rough but were a little surprised. We’ll hang out for a few days. I checked the counter on our trip journal. We had 88 people visit the journal yesterday – WOW!


Explored the area today. We met the owners of Lake Louise Lodge, had a nice visit and an AK Amber. Lake Louise is beautiful. It is about 7 miles by 7 miles and is popular for fishing (large lake trout) and snowmobiling. We picked some wild blueberries, walked the campground out to the adjoining campground and to Army Point. The US Army built the road into this location in 1947. There are three original log cabins that were built at that time. Still standing but tough shape. Ike stayed in one of them in the early 50s. We returned to the Lodge for dinner. We splurged and had the filet/king crab special. It was excellent!

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