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Galapagos turtle

We got a lot done this week including taking our motor home back to Indiana where it was manufactured and replacing the furniture, because the fabric was disintegrating. I won't rant and rave about it again since I already did that on this blog site last February, but this end of the operation went very smoothly and it was finished a day early, which meant we could spend today at home reassessing what we have in our suitcases for our next travel adventure. Because the furniture was in good condition, we had to wait for slip covers to be sewn and the old rotten covers to be removed - an economy move, but $$$ nevertheless..

We also went to a great musical this week: Come From Away, which was of special interest to us after our trip to Newfoundland. At the beginning of regular flights between Europe and the US, planes would stop in Gander, Newfoundland to refuel since they couldn't fly non-stop in those days. The Canadians were thinking about tearing down this huge and unused airport until 9/11 when planes containing 7,000 passengers from all over the world were brought down there until it was safe to fly again. This heartwarming musical showed how the locals welcomed all the displaced passengers with open arms and fed and housed them for days on end. At the beginning no one knew exactly what had grounded all the flights and after they did find out, traumatized people made the best of it with good humor and great empathy. This heart warming show regularly brought tears to my eyes as I remembered those awful times. We were reminded how important it is to maintain good friendships with countries around the world. We never met a Canadian we didn't like and that goes double for the Newfies..

It feels like we are better prepared for our trip to Ecuador than we usually are, because we have found so many videos and travelogues on the web both from our travel company and on YouTube from travelers who have preceded us. Even though this trip is shorter and simpler than our usual, we want to bring exactly what we will actually use for the varied weather conditions between the Amazon, the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. We will have two tour leaders: one for mainland Ecuador and one for the Galapagos They both telephoned to see if we had any last minute questions and sent us to another website for tour specific information that they maintain. We will be a travel group of eleven people. We, and our friends will be half of the group. While we always enjoy being with people who love to travel, being with friends will be even better.

Now, what have we forgotten?

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