The Gap on I-68 heading West

Closer view of the Gap

Leaving Virginia and arriving in West Virginia.

Our parking site

Further up the road is the hosts home

A couple of the buildings on the place are old with great...

Our site.

Time to leave, our hosts came down to see us out the...

Ginger was curious as to the good byes.

A few miles later near Parkersburg

We have to cross a bridge that takes us to Ohio

Crossing the Ohio River

And entering the beautiful state of Ohio.

We were talking one day lately and mentioned to each other, almost simultaneously, we’ve taken too many freeways the last several years. In fact, we’ve been in too much of a hurry. As many of our readers who have talked personally with us will attest, we advocate taking the US Highways to see the “real America”. The Interstates are too impersonal, too fast, too ”sanitary”. We disdain them for their hectic pace and terrible condition, yet we’ve driven on them most exclusively lately. “Pah with that” we said, lets get back to the basics of what gets us excited about seeing the US! And, so here we are in West Virginia sitting in a beautiful boondocking situation.The 266 mile drive north on I-81, West on I-70/I-68, then south on I-79 to Clarksburg where we caught hwy 50 West. The Hwy-50 portion east of Clarksburg to Front Royal is NOT recommended for RV’s. So, we went around. Yep, way, way back in a valley and up a “holler” with the nicest couple who are hosting us, through the relatively new organization called Boondockers Welcome. They gave us a great place to park in the shade, amongst the birds, trees and bunnies. We didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything else but catch up on our reading. We both have books that we’re half way through. We’re here for three nights.

Getting onto Hwy 50 was the beginning of our US Hwy driving for this trip. We stayed on Hwys all the way to Wilmington. And will probably for the rest of this trip till we get to Atlanta in a couple weeks.

NOTE: Our map system has located Salem south of Clarksburg, it’s not, it’s due west of Clarksburg!

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