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We had nothing on our agenda today so after our coffee and a bite of breakfast I went to the garage to see if I could troubleshoot the problem with our garage door. After I lubricated the chain drive and other moving parts yesterday it stopped operating. I suspected that some of the lubricant was the cause of the problem and sure enough, it worked normally today.

With that problem solved I worked on the book titled “From Kelly, With Love”. This is a book of writings by Kelly and was difficult for me to write. The final chapter detailed the events of the evening she died and I had tears running down my cheeks by the time I finished writing. Mostly I used the chapter about that event from my first book called “My Journey to the Clouds”. I also sketched a design for the cover and Marilyn approves so that will be the next portion of this project.

Marilyn & I had plans to drive to Palmyra for the 4-wheeler races at the fairgrounds. We could not miss the chance to see our grandson race again this year. Last year we thought he had won but they claimed a photo-finish showed him finishing in second place by inches. It was an exciting race and we had to go watch it tonight. I will have the results to share with you tomorrow. Then, tomorrow night, he races his dirt bike and that should be exciting also.

Life is Good!

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