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Today we returned to obtain the license for our car and our Missouri Driver’s License. We had an appointment to have the car inspected so we walked across the street to have breakfast while that was being done.

Part of the personal documentation needed was interesting because of where we live. We have an address in Marian County but actually live in Ralls County while the kids living in our community attend school in Monroe County. It’s confusing but it seems to work. LOL

I easily passed the vision test without glasses and in fact have not needed glasses since my cataract surgery. Not even for reading. That feels great!

Before returning home we drove into Hannibal and purchased groceries. After returning home we put the groceries away, I grilled pork steak for dinner, and then lubricated the garage door, chain, and all moving parts. Finally I changed the license plates on Marilyn’s car while Marilyn worked outdoors pulling weeds from the flower beds.

With the chores complete, we shared lunch and then took showers and put on clean, comfortable clothing. We intend to simply chill and be relaxed for the remainder of the day. Life is Good!

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