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Colourful Cobh houses

Pretty fresh Monk fish - Cork Markets

Beautiful scenery

Another colourful town in the distance

Grey weather - colourful buildings

Grae admiring the wide selection of goods in a homey cafe

Sharing the single lane with jaunters and bikes

The famous Lady's View

Truck doing some damage - ouch

Killarney House and Gardens

Gap of Dunloe

We visited Cobh (pronoucned Cove) which was a lovely waterfront town with a very big Cathedral - a bit sad to learn that this was the Titanic's last port of call. You can still see the pier where the tenders docked to take the passengers to the doomed ship. We learnt that after Sydney, Cobh is the second deepest harbour in the world.

Our Airbnb accommodation didn't include breakfast but instead had a basket full of chocolate bars - yum! Which we may have walked off up and down the very steep streets of Cobh.

We stopped in Cork to visit the Victorian English Markets - there were some huge ugly fish on display which are apparently delicious, they were Monk Fish.

Grae thinks it would be funny to read the headline "Cork man drowns" in the paper, I wonder if it has ever happened.

Driving along while the weather is overcast and grey every litle town we came across was bursting with colours, the shops and houses are brightly coloured and flowers are blooming and on display everywhere.

At Bantry our Airbnb host kindly offered to drive us into town but we decided to drive. We left it a bit late for dinner and had to try quite a few places before we could get in, and ended up at the one that we were recommended not to go to. It was OK, nothing fancy.

From Bantry we drove the Gap of Dunloe, a wild and scenic mountain pass, we also explored the Killarney National Park which has the Macgillycuddy's Reeks - Ireland's highest mountain range. We had to share the single track road with jaunting cars (horse drawn carriages) which was a bit challenging. While the scenery was beautiful it was cold, grey, wet and windy. A typical Irish summer day - I hope not!

Driving back towards Killarney an articulated lorry struck the roof of a four metre high rock tunnel right before our eyes, boy it sounded dreadful, but after some extra hits to the roof he finally managed to get through.

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