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Monkeying around

Mehrangarh Fort at night

Room light switches

Today was a travel day.

Eleri was feeling a lot better but still felt weak and wasn't really eating. It was a good day to have very little on our plate but to sit and watch the Thar Desert pass by our windows.

First thing in the morning we connected with our driver (Sawai) for our five day car and driver trek around the Golden Triangle. Our chariot for our trip was an A/C Toyota Innova (never heard of it before but they are all over India). The A/C in the Innova was very efficient and we were particularly glad to enjoy it in view of the high temperatures in the region. Eleri, in particular, was savouring the car's cool (even cold) air (something the inadequate A/C in our hotel had supplied to us somewhat parsimoniously).

I provided a brilliant description of the drive from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and some of our activities in Jodhpur but it disappeared into the ether and I don't have the energy to retype it.

Recap: lots of desert, lots of driving, good road

Further recap: Checked in to hotel. Saw monkeys from our room window. Lot's of monkeys. Very entertaining. Left Eleri in room to rest. She can't handle the heat and still weak.

Yet further recap: drove to Mehrangarh Fort. Bought tickets - told to go to front of line - felt guilty - assuaged guilt with exorbitant ticket price for foreigners. Fort big, impressive. Worth visiting.

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled programming.

For our dinner the three of us that had the ability to keep food down went to the rooftop restaurant and had a candlelit meal while overlooking the Fort, all lit up. With regard to our dinner I will say that the view was amazing. 'Nuf said!

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