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Silly tourists

Full size Bull Moose near the VisitorCenter

The Gift Shop has this Moose Antler chandelier

Burl Wood pillars outside the Gift Shop

Our squirrel neighbor chattering at me

Peter & Chris from Australia camped near us, joined our campfire

We saw this vehicle by the Visitor Center

They have been traveling since 2015 from Argentina

They have a FB page, so you can got visit them

We received our forwarded mail at the RV office, so spent some time weeding through it.

In the evening we had a campfire with a neighbor,an Alaska woman, camped across from us named Deb, who had some interesting stories to share. She retired from the University of Alaska, so was very intelligent and very informative.

We had more cleaning and laundry to do, then we went to the Visitor Center and enjoyed some shopping at the gift store. They had a full bull moose encased in glass out front. The building had burl wood pillars in front, and some of those burls grew very large.

Back at camp having drinks in the Tundra RV Park bar, we met an Aussie couple Peter & Chrisy. They kept us in stitches with their language and stories. They are retired and have made several trips traveling in a small Class C RV in different parts of the United States over the past few years. They can only travel for 90 days per their Travel Visa.

They came to our campfire for the rest of a very fun night sharing travel stories. They are now our "New Best Friends" and we promised to catch up with them up the road in Fairbanks and beyond as they are basically going about the same direction. We later will become known by them as the “California Mob” and then the “Fantastic Six”.

We saw a Volkswagen bus in the Visitor Center parking lot that was very intereting. They have been traveling since 2015 from Argentina to Alaska. On the back of the van are flags from every country they have seen. They have a Facebook Page, and I visited and "Liked" it, so now I see their posts. They are a young couple and they are making new friends along the way on their travels.

Visit their Facebook page here. Their comments are in Spanish but you can click on Translation and read it in English.

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