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Yesterday we worked hard to make things look nice again. I started with trimming around the drive and the house. We had Lauren staying overnight so she and Marilyn used the push mower to mow the back yard inside the fence. Later in the day Colby and Jennifer both came by for a visit and to pick up Lauren.

Colby was excited that he could use the riding mower so he mowed the yard including the extra lot beside the house. Jennifer also got into the act by mowing the edges where the riding mower couldn’t go.

The contractor who is building a roof over the patio came by to make a few final measurements and asked where we wanted the materials to be unloaded. We have a small garden area in the back which is perfect for that so the building material will be here tomorrow.

Marilyn & I decided that we want to turn that patio area into a sunroom in the future so the roof will be constructed in a manner conducive to that goal. We might decide to go ahead with that project but have not made a final decision about that.

Last night we spent in relaxation mode as we watched some TV we had recorded earlier. We then went to bed for a good night of sleep. My CPAP is working great and I am catching up on sleep I missed over the past two years.

Tomorrow I will have cataract surgery on my right eye. I will sure be happy to be finished with that and I hope the right eye surgery is as successful as it was on the left eye which now has 20/20 vision. In fact I am no longer wearing glasses and am able to read quite well. I will let you know how I’m doing in a few days.

Life is Good.

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