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Sleeping under the stars

Sunrise in the desert

Theo getting ready for the final leg of our journey

On the trail

The view from our room

After a fitful and restless sleep (for me at least) we were awake early. It was an almost surreal experience to be lying on a camp cot in the middle of the desert (right next to the beginning of very large sand dunes). Eleri had had a very rough night but gamely ate a banana for breakfast along with a cup of chai. As part of the great circle of life motif that seems to be a part of the desert culture, shortly after partaking she returned her early morning libation and fruit breakfast to the soil of the desert (no doubt to nurture some poor desert bush starved for nutrients). She also felt somewhat dizzy, which our guides attempted to remedy by soaking her headscarf in water and fanning her vigourously with another wet scarf. She recovered enough that she said she wanted to carry on with the camel ride back to civilization. However, with my aching legs, Marlys' overheated condition (from the day before), and Eleri's latest bout of vomiting we decided to ride for only one more hour and then call it quits (with the option to stop immediately if Eleri felt any worse). So, this is what we did. In my opinion the last hour of our camel ride was the best of the two days. It was over mostly sand dunes that really reminded one of a scene from the Sahara Desert (or at least all those nature shows about the Sahara Desert). It was awesome!

After saying goodbye to our guides we rode the Jeep back into Jaisalmer. Once back in Jaisalmer we went to our rooms to shower and cool down. After a couple of hours Marlys, Theo and I (leaving Eleri in her room to rest) braved the oppressive heat to tour the Jaisalmer Palace which was only a couple of hundred metres from our hotel. While the Palace was interesting, we had rented audioguides and for reasons that escape me, we were forced to return them prior to the closing of the Palace. With the audioguide attendant chasing after us we rushed through the Palace and returned to our room. The best part of the tour was the roof as it gave a very nice vantage point to see the Fort.

Once back in our room we ordered three thalis from our hotel. As it was so hot the hotel offered to serve us our meal in our room, rather than the rooftop patio. The thali was delicious. Eleri continued to rest and recover in her room.

It was a tiring day and nice to just relax before calling it a day.

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