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A stop to pick up passengers

Blocking our path to our hotel


If I had more time to work on this trip journal I would tell you all the petty details of how irritating it is to get on a train to start an overnight trip and discover that some idiots who have (presumably) just gotten off the train, have removed the fresh hand towels from the overnight packaged sheets (it was a very hot day), have (obviously) used all four of our fresh pillow cases, and have generally ransacked our overnight bedding allotment. Instead I am just going to say that after we made up our berths for sleeping we settled into our 2nd class "cabin" and slept way better than we had in 1st class. I'm not sure if we are just getting used to Indian train travel or just had better (read: less noisy) neighbours. Woke up around 6:30 am, feeling refreshed. Theo was feeling better but still weak. Rather than get up we continued to recline until well past 10 in the morning. It felt good after such a hectic previous day and it also gave Theo a much needed chance to recharge.

Arrived at Jaisalmer Station around noon, got off the train and was met by our friendly hotel proprietor holding a sign with my name and hotel name on it. Three of us, along with our luggage piled into a tuk-tuk and Theo climbed on behind our rather portly hotel proprietor to get a motorcycle ride into the fort. Helmets, we don't need no stinking helmets! (That is my homage to a line from Blazing Saddles for those that are wondering where that came from!)

Five minutes later we were at our hotel and checked in. Very quirky stone walled hotel rooms with both rooms actually forming part of the outer wall of Jaisalmer Fort. Very cool location, which it had to be as our AC had difficulty keeping up with the 40+ degree heat. Thankfully the ceiling fan provided some additional cooling.

After settling in we confirmed out camel safari reservation for the next day (Theo assured us that he would be 100% by then), got outfitted in desert gear for our camel safari (long sleeved shirts and head scarves) and then back to our room to cool down. After cooling down we then headed out again and walked the fort until the heat drove us to an early dinner. Theo wasn't really eating but at least he felt good enough that he came out with us and it was good to see him starting to look more like his old self. In the 23 years since Marlys and I were at Jaisalmer, the years have not been kind. It no longer feels like a living town, but more of a tourist trap. We were constantly be harassed by touts trying lines like, "Would you like to let me rip you off?", or "Can I help you get rid of your money?". Not sure if they think it is funny or not, but it definitely was off putting!! Needless to say, they did not receive any of our custom.

Once we were back in our room and since we were getting up early for our camel safari we just relaxed (I tried and tried and tried to download pictures...no joy), until we finally headed to bed by 10.

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