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Friday Harbor

Don and Sue Hill

The Hill's Living Room View

We walk in Sidney, which, with flowers everywhere, a walking path next to the ocean, and friendly people saying hello, is an altogether pleasant place with a year round moderate climate. Pat turns around before I do so she can do her hair. I continue along the path and through the streets. Shortly after ten, we head to the ferry, and then have that stand around time until it loads about 11:20 for an 11: 40 departure.

Cool and rainy outside, we stay inside most of the time, noticing the many islands of the San Juans that we pass, some inhabited, others appearing to hold only trees. The ferry stops at Friday Harbor, then continues on to Anacortes, where we arrive about 2:45. Amid many smaller boats, we depart.

Pat has friends in Anacortes, so we find our way to their house. Don and Sue Hill live in a house they built themselves. They drive us around Anacortes, which appears to be growing, what with the homes we see going up and new shopping areas.

Pat knew Don Hill since they were in grade school together in Nampa, Idaho, where I also grew up. Pat says that my mother was in the hospital after the birth of my brother, Stan, when Mrs. Hill, who had had a son, wondered what to name him. My mother suggested Donald.

We stay the evening, having dinner, and sleeping in the guest quarters.

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