One of our favorites, entrance is only two miles from Front royal

Flash your Senior Interagency card or pay a fee

glad to have reservations at the RV Park

Terrific views of the Shenandoah Valley

We came across an Appalachian Trail crossing, so we ...

Took a walk on it for about 100 yards

We saw two black bear, theres a little one in this photo...

On the far western edge of Luray is this neat little zoo,...


Brent checks out a snake through the glass

Monkey's are always fun to watch.

Monkey's are always fun to watch.

One old goat looking at another?

A beautiful Bengal Tiger, Star is her name

Amazon Parrot

Snakes galore

Remember to change your filters often, these clogged up in only two...

Brent catches another fine large mouth bass

One of our favorite things to do when in this area is take the Skyline Drive along the Blue Ridge. Among the many sights and things to enjoy is bear watching. We found if we drive long Skyline about 15 mph, speed limit is 35, the chances are much better to have an encounter with a black bear. Today, we saw two within about 5 miles of each other. The vistas of the Shenandoah Valley are dynamic, the visitors center is very informative. From the town of Front Royal entry to the Skyline Drive is easy as it is only 2 miles from the edge of town. We like to enter here, head south for 35 miles, then go to downtown old town Luray and have lunch at one of the many good eateries. On the far western boundary of the town of Luray is the Luray Zoo. Luray Zoo is a rescue Zoo, established in 1957, dedicated to providing animals with loving and caring home. The zoo is privately owned by Mark and Christine Kirby. They receive no gov’t funding. All admission and gift shop sales go directly to the care and keeping of the animals that call Luray home. The zoo receives animals that are retired zoo animals, unwanted pets, confiscations and sadly occasionally abused animals. The Luray Zoo is by far our favorite, especially of the small rescue types. Rescue facilities are so important to each community, of which, they're a part. For more information go to: www.lurayzoo.com


One of the last photos you'll see in this report is a set of water filters. The black ones clogged up in only two weeks of use, the white ones are the replacements to show you how icky some RV Park water can be. Mostly, RV Parks are out in the county and little or not regulated much less inspected! We advocate the following. At a minimum RV'ers should be using a single 10 inch jug water filter (as shown) of Carbon Block style good to 5 microns. We use a 5 micron wrapped or woven style as a pre-filter then a 5 micron carbon block takes everything else out. However, this time was overwhelming. We usually change our 2 filters every two months. In addition, we change out our water hoses every year ! Do not contaminate your RV with bad water, it's hard to get rid of....

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